Paddy's Lament Challenge

Can you handle the challenge? Take the Mulligans Paddy's Lament Challenge! 3 lbs. of Black Angus Beef topped with 1/2 lb. of cheese, 1 lb. of corned beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and a pound of beer battered french fries. Eat everything in 60 minutes or less and the burger is free and you win a $50.00 Mulligans gift card. Paddy's Lament Challengers: 143 Paddy's Lament Successes: 3

- Paddy's Lament Challenge

Shepherd's Pie Challenge

The 8 LB. Shepherd's Pie Challenge: Three Shepherd Pie's stacked and stuffed with Seasoned ground beef, aged cheddar cheese, parsnips, peas, carrots, celery, colcannon mashed potatoes and Guinness gravy. The Challenge: One person has 60 minutes to finish the entire Shepherd's Pie. If you succeed, the Meal is free and you will receive a $75 Mulligans Gift Card, plus your picture will be posted on our 'Winner' wall.If you fail the challenge, the Pie is $45, and comes with a free to-go box, and your picture will be posted on our 'Weenie' wall.

- Shepherd's Pie Challenge

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St. Patrick's Day

The best and only place to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Milwaukee.

- St. Patrick's Day